Yes, I do believe in Karma

There are two types of people in this world, those who believe in karma and those who do not. I am of the belief that what you put into the world is what comes back to you. So yes, I believe in Karma.

It has become abundantly clear to me in these last seven months that those, who are in my life either believe in Karma or they don’t.

Those that fall into the latter group don’t seem to understand why people don’t like them, they talk about them behind their back take their aggressions out on them face to face, won’t listen what hey have to say or when they do, simply do not care because, in my opinion that makes it easier for them to “Win”

Now for those in the former group, they are the ones that are so easily hurt by others words, not because they are weak, but because they are caring so much on their shoulders beyond this pandemic, they are empathic, eager to please, want to make everyone happy, want everyone to get along, to see EVERYONE’S percepitve and at the very least accept it as the other persons truth and know that there are life events that lead them to where they are in life now.

So now I ask you, over all (because we all have a our bad days) what kind of person have you been in the last seven months

Welcome To The Digital Age….

It is 2020 and by now just about everything is digital, our concert, movie, and sporting event tickets are all available in digital form, you can order take out, groceries and meal kits on your phone or computer. Most people are watching T.V. via streaming services. We communicate through Facebook, twitter, snapchat, Instagram, e-mail, FaceTime and other social media platforms.


Maybe its because I work with the elderly and they want little to do with this 21st century convince, but I think we need to start pulling away from technology, I am far to peranoid to put my plane ticket on my phone, and I don’t drive but I will never for the life of me understand this new fad of having your insurance card on your phone, what if your phone dies, or you forget it, its stollen, you get in a crash and your phone is not working and you only have a digital copy of your insurance card, how are you going to exchange insurance information?

The take away: Is technology a great connivance, yes, should we use as much as possible, yes, but should we start to depend on it a little less, absolutely

To Every Season There Is A Change

It’s funny the way life works out sometimes. On Friday morning my life drastically changed when I was offered and accepted new job, I currently work at a local assisted living home

I have been there for just over seven years and have loved every minute of it, however, after a diagnosis of MS two years ago I have been forced to make changes to my life, including my professional life, as the days, weeks, months and years went on, it became clear to me that I was not going to be able to such physical labor that my job, a server and dishwasher in the kitchen entails. So I started looking, and looking, and looking, I wanted to stay in the same field so my job coach and I started looking for Activities assistants and receptionist positions, I applied and interviewed at nearly every assisted in town, and got no where.

So where did I end up? A company called Advantage Solutions, and yes your correct that is the name is not one that belongs to an assisted living home. I will be a product demonstrator at a local Safeway store.  This all a lot for me to process nearly 48 hours later I am still processing it.

Dear Apple

Oh, Apple I how I love your product I have an Mc Book Pro and am on my third iPhone. However there is one area you could use some, okay A LOT of improvement in, and that is scheduling an appointment at my local store’s Genius Bar. No I don’t want to chat, call Facebook massage, Twitter PM, none of that I just want to go onto your website and schedule and appoint, that’s it plain and simple, yet whenever I try to do that, I want without jumping through hoop after hoop after hoop, getting in to get my laptop looked at should not be this hard.  Signed, A frustrated, Apple Owner.

Why I Vote 2018

They say this is going to be the most impotant midterm election of my generations life time, and that we are seeing some of the largest voter turn out. In the last two years, no matter witch side of the aisle the party you most idtentify with sits on, we have become a country devited more than one that has been united, Congress and who is in it has a lot, if not everthing to do with that.

People ask me why I vote? I vote in this and nearly every other election, because it is my right, responsibilty and previlage as an American to do so, I do it to make my voice heard, I vote for those who are unable to do so, for the 9 children in my extended family who can’t, those with severe mental handycaps, the elderly, for the American citizens who are yet to be.

I don’t want to be, nor wil I ever be one of those people who chooses not to vote, then complains when I do not like how things turn out, I refuse to let others tell me, convince me, that one voice, one vote cant make a difference.

Too many men and women have died and or have gotten severly injured for me to not vote, the wonderful Men and Women of our Armed Forces go out each and every day to defend our rights, one of those rights being, the right to vote.

The Trickle Down Affect…….

Earlier today, after a racist tweet put out by the show’s headliner, one I will not post here because I refuse to give it any more publicity than it has already gotten, Roseann was canceled.

At first, I was thrilled, because even though we all have freedom of speech in this country when we take that freedom so far as to disrespect and discriminate against others, there must be action, swift and firm action, but along with Rosanne’s firing. the entire cast and crew are now jobless. I am less worried about the actors than I am about the crew, many of the cast members have other projects they are working on so they will be fine, but, the crew, lighting, camera’s hair makeup, all the behind the scenes stuff that we the at-home audience does not see, they may not be so lucky. I hope Roseann realizes how her remarks have affected everyone else on the crew of her show, but I am not going to hold my breath

It Never Gets Easier

I have been working at local assisted living home for close to 8 years now, (my eight year anniversary will be in June.) One thing that never gets easier is losing a resident, or two, weather it be them passing away or moving out, this week we are dealing with the loss of two, one of whom moved out today, she has been a resident there as long(or longer actually) then I have been an employee. Ours is Unique home, there are two building to it, an older part, where the kitchen, chapel, and dinning room is located, and the newer half where the offices and apartments are. Sorry for the little detour, but it an essential part to this blog, Our resident that moved out today is nun, long before there was an assisted living home, there was housing for retired nuns, we have about 10 nuns that reside in the newer half of the building, well now about nine.


We knew the time was coming for this particular nun to move out, but is still an adjustment, she is such a hoot, if you met her on the street, you would never guess that she is a nun, she is spunky a jokester and does not take life to seriously, she walked with a cane (just recently switched to a walker) she used to take her cane off the ground and point it at you, saying nothing and for whatever reason it never felt threatening, just funny, everything about her was funny, she is from the Phillipians and apparently therethey say “Fruits” instead of just “Fruit” so every night at dinner she would come into the dinning room and order “Fruits, no Pineapple” she LOVES ice cream, especially anything that had chocolate in it, cookies and cream, mocha almond fudge, and of course plain old chocolate ice, cream, we had chocolate ice cream for dessert tonight(Wednesday February 21st, I just pulled a random container of ice cream out of the freezer. This is has been my first full week with out her since I started there nearly eight years ago (except for the times that she traveled to see family) but there I always knew she was coming back, this time I know she is not coming back, and when her parting words were “I will see you all in Heaven” that just hits you tight in the gut, it was sincere and sad something we were not used to seeing out of such a funny person.



Friday, February 23rd,

I was surprised to come into to work today and learn that our one resident that has been on hospice care for two weeks is still hanging on. I was truly expecting her to be gone, but if there is one thing I have learned in her short time with us, she will go when she is good and ready, she does things on her own time, in her own way.



What The BLEEP is going on in this country?!



* I wrote this blog (except the last paragraph) in real time

In the last two weeks we have heard from close to two hundred women who former Doctor Larry Nassar, team doctor for team USA Women’s Gymnastics and Michigan State University Women’s Gymnastic Team sexually assaulted. How did this happen you ask? these girls must have told someone right? Right? Well they did, in the case of Nassar’s victims at MSU. school employees were told by multiple women in 97,98,99,2000,2001, 2010 and,2014, same for Team USA multiple people were told, and it was either not reported to the proper authorities or these girls were made to believe, by Nassar, that what he was doing was just a “Typical exam” its not enough that he was allowed to abuse these women on Team USA, but then, by not stoping it, he was then allowed to continue his rein of terror at Michigan State University.

Why is this happening, why is this okay why did none of the adults stop this when they were told and told and told and told, over and over and over and over again what was happening? Why were these women told not only by Nassar but by others that “They did not know what they were talking about” did they (University Employees and those who work for Team USA) really think that this many women were that clueless as to what was going on with their own bodies.

Nassar is going to pay for this, 175 years to be exact, but others must pay, anyone and everyone that these girls reported these incidences of abuse to at Michigan State University, same as the folks at Team USA. What kind of world are we living in where those in authority use that authority to threaten and intimidate those that there are supposed to protect and guard.

Just today I was in a meeting at work regarding abuse (physical, emotional, finical, and sexual) and when it was made clear to my co-workers and I that we are all mandated reporters and they we are to report any resonable suspicion or known act of abuse to the proper authorities, I wondered to my self, yet again, how could all these people for all these years live with them selfs, go home to their families, many of them more then likely having their own daughters, granddaughters, nieces, how could they go on living knowing what they did and not say anything, and not only not say anything, but when they were told by Nassar’s accusers they were aware of what was going on, then deny it, I always knew there were some messed up people out there, but I had no idea that there were this many, and to be honest, it makes me sick to my stomach that this is the world we are living in, that this is the reality my young nieces are facing.

In the last forty-eight hours MSU President has stepped down, as has the entire USA Gymnastics Board Of Directors, this is something every one of those women that stood in the court room facing Nassar over the last week has deserved.


On to the next story making headlines last week, a California couple accused of horrific abuse of 13 of their 14 children after one of them bravely escaped their house of horror’s we are still learning about the living conditions but what we have learned so far is disturbing to say the least, the children were only fed once day, where chained to their beds were only allowed to shower once a year, were on a a bathroom schedule and could not wash above their wrists.

The Family dogs were treated better then the children, although we have learned that upon further investigation, there have been several bodies of dead animals found in the house.

They kept very odd hours, sleeping during the day and being awake at night, the neighbors never really suspected anything, there were never any signs of neglect or abuse.

We are still learning about this particular horrific event, these children do have loving family members that I imagine would love to be a part of their lives, but this is going to be a slow process, with a lot of de-programing to do.

We Have Got To Stop Accepting This As Our New Normal

Another school shooting, this one a little to close for comfort, not far from my home town of Spokane,Wa. Thats right, by now most of the country knows about the school shooting at Freeman High School, located in Rockford, Washington, about a half hour north east of me…… 3 injured, 1 brave student, who tried to stop the shooter, is dead, I have since learned that earlier this year, his father passed away as well, they had started a Gofund me page to help raise money to put the two kids (Sam, who was killed on Wednesday) and his sister Emily, the page is still up and they are still accepting donations, if you can help, please go here  College fund for Emily Strahan  


Here is what I want to know, how is it that we have gotten to a point in this country where this has become the new normal, where our president seems more concerned about a stupid wall then gun control (notice I see control) I am getting tired of law abiding citizens acting as though the government is coming after their guns, and no, we do not NEED machine guns, some may WANT them.

I think part of reason this bothers me is because my sister and nieces are in school , my sister a 3rd grade teacher, my oldest niece in the 2nd grade and my youngest niece in pre-school, oh and my brother in law works for the school district as well, so yeah school shootings hit me pretty deep.


All these years later after Sandy Hook,Columbine, Aurora, Virginia tech, Freeman, and all the others, to many to list, people are still more concerned about their rights then the lives of innocent people, who did nothing but wake up, go to school, go to work, to a movie, with out fear of losing their lives, when will be able to enjoy life again with out having to worry about weather or not we are going to come home alive at the end of the day?

Fall Premier Season

This week officially (For me any way) started the Fall Season Premier of many shows, Blue Bloods,NCIS,NCIS LA, Grey’s Anatomy, Designated Survivor, Madam Secretary, and so many more that I cannot remember right now, with all these premiers come the Facebook Posts, the Tweets, and of course  the Snapchat and Instagram videos. They say you have to take the good with the bad, in this particular case the good is all of our favorite shows coming back and people talking about it on all the social media outlets I talked about above. The Bad, for me anyway are people who choose to come on Social Media knowing people are talking about these shows then complain about “Spoilers” so here is my plea, if you choose to come onto social media before during or after a show, for the love of God do not complain about people spoiling shows for you, you chose to come on to social media you knew people would be talking about what happened on the shows, you have no one to blame but yourself