We Have Got To Stop Accepting This As Our New Normal

Another school shooting, this one a little to close for comfort, not far from my home town of Spokane,Wa. Thats right, by now most of the country knows about the school shooting at Freeman High School, located in Rockford, Washington, about a half hour north east of me…… 3 injured, 1 brave student, who tried to stop the shooter, is dead, I have since learned that earlier this year, his father passed away as well, they had started a Gofund me page to help raise money to put the two kids (Sam, who was killed on Wednesday) and his sister Emily, the page is still up and they are still accepting donations, if you can help, please go here  College fund for Emily Strahan  


Here is what I want to know, how is it that we have gotten to a point in this country where this has become the new normal, where our president seems more concerned about a stupid wall then gun control (notice I see control) I am getting tired of law abiding citizens acting as though the government is coming after their guns, and no, we do not NEED machine guns, some may WANT them.

I think part of reason this bothers me is because my sister and nieces are in school , my sister a 3rd grade teacher, my oldest niece in the 2nd grade and my youngest niece in pre-school, oh and my brother in law works for the school district as well, so yeah school shootings hit me pretty deep.


All these years later after Sandy Hook,Columbine, Aurora, Virginia tech, Freeman, and all the others, to many to list, people are still more concerned about their rights then the lives of innocent people, who did nothing but wake up, go to school, go to work, to a movie, with out fear of losing their lives, when will be able to enjoy life again with out having to worry about weather or not we are going to come home alive at the end of the day?


Fall Premier Season

This week officially (For me any way) started the Fall Season Premier of many shows, Blue Bloods,NCIS,NCIS LA, Grey’s Anatomy, Designated Survivor, Madam Secretary, and so many more that I cannot remember right now, with all these premiers come the Facebook Posts, the Tweets, and of course  the Snapchat and Instagram videos. They say you have to take the good with the bad, in this particular case the good is all of our favorite shows coming back and people talking about it on all the social media outlets I talked about above. The Bad, for me anyway are people who choose to come on Social Media knowing people are talking about these shows then complain about “Spoilers” so here is my plea, if you choose to come onto social media before during or after a show, for the love of God do not complain about people spoiling shows for you, you chose to come on to social media you knew people would be talking about what happened on the shows, you have no one to blame but yourself


9/11……… all you have to do is utter those two numbers and suddenly, no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, people’s demeanors will change as quickly as our Country did that cold September morning. It’s like asking “Where were you when you heard that JFK was shot, When The Attacks on Pearl Harbor descended, When Space Shuttle Columbia came crashing back to earth” All of these things make us all historians, instantly we are transported, often not by choice, to the exact, day, time and place we were when we heard of these shocking events.


I will share where I was on September 11th 2001. It was a Monday morning, I was getting ready for school, as was my sister(she was a student teacher at the time) and my mom was getting ready for work, all of the sudden, all three of us came into the hall, we looked at one another as if to say “It can’t be true…… can it” we all walked into my parents room like a heard of sheep and watched, much like the rest of the country, what was going on in New York City.

When I got to school,(I was a senior in HS) some people knew, some did not, as the day went on, more people knew, the days classes turned into one hour grief sessions we talked, cried, and supported one another.

And Now, 17 years later, September 11th 2018,  I am still in shock, but even angrier, as this world has become a far more darker cruller place then it was, the way our world was on September 10th 2001, I fear we will never get back, in my eyes, the Terroists have won this country has never been more at odds with one another, and yes, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and snapchat make it all the more easier for us to spew our anger and ugliness at one another but give it that power, all those forums can also be used to spread Love, Kindness, and acceptance.


This past Tuesday I went and saw a movie that has put my hometown, as well as one of its many hero’s in the national spotlight.


Gleason, simply named, is a documentary about Spokane Native Steve Gleason, he played high school football at Gonzaga Preparatory School (the high school school equivalent to the more popular know Gonzaga University) College ball at Washington State University or as us Washitonians,WSU grads, and current students know it, WAZZU. Then of course went on to play professional ball for the NFL’s New Orleans Saints he is known for brining the city back after Katrina with his famous block , now memorialized in a bronze in front of the Superdome.

Now, he is know for bringing ALS and finding a cure into focus, his motto? “No white flags” he refuses to surrender the to disease that has slowly taken over his body, with his wife Michele and son Rivers by his side, he fights, he is wheelchair bound can no long walk, talk, drive, go to the bathroom shower, cook, or eat on his own, everything is done for him by Michele and team of care givers, they say it takes a village to raise a child, the same is true when it comes to caring for some one with a sever physical and/or mental disease, and yet, Steve has still found ways to be a dad, husband, father, philanhorpist, and friend. I think we can all take a page or two from Steve Gleason’s life, if he can over come what he has then surely we can do the same in our lives.

Is This The Real Life?


Queen Bohemian Rhapsody


Every day we wake up go to work, or stay home, or go to school, we run errands, stress over deadlines that have to be met, wonder if we are doing enough to make a change in this crazy world we find our selfs living in, eventually, go to bed, get up in the morning rinse, repeat.

I wish life were as simple and mundane as described in the paragraph above, but its not. Currently in the US we have a president who only 30 percent of the of the country approves of, he cares more about the crowds he draws then the negative impact he is making on this country. There are wild fires in Canada, have been in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California, Texas, and Louisiana are having historic flooding all thanks to a weather phenomenon known as Harvey.

School shootings and shootings in general seem to be a daily, if not weekly occurrence and we all say “Something needs to be done” but we all (my self included) just sit by and wait for some one else to do something,  Meanwhile I get regular e-mails from a mom who I should not be getting e-mails from, her son was one of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting that happened 5 years ago, her son died, he was in the first grade, and instead of wallowing in her own self pity she started the Sand Hook Promise (You can learn more about her charity and what she is doing to put an end to gun violence in schools here www.sandyhookpromise.org) 

Earlier this evening I watched, with heart break as Jillian Harris (from Love It Or List It Too(Vancouver) The Bachelorette, Extreme Make Over: Home Edition and The Bachelor) talked about getting attacked on social media about not caring about Houston. Let me tell you, Jill is perhaps one of the most compassionate, empathetic ready to help in anyway she can, people I have ever “Met” so for someone to say that……. I have no words, Jill and her family (Fiance Justin, son Leo and Dog Nacho) where in Seattle over the weekend, they just got home Monday night, she had not watched any news, no news paper no social media, what this long rambling paragraph is getting at is, before you judge, ask, before you comment.

I really had no planned direction or theme for this blog, I just wanted to get some stuff off my chest.

I have an idea,


Sin título-1

This idea just came to me, and I think most people, sadly will not be able to follow even simplest of instructions. How about we talk on Facebook, actually talk, no sharing of posts that read “I am going to see how many people are really paying attention” no GIFs no polls Just talking, going back to basics, back to what Facebook was meant for, human connection, talking, actually having to type more then a few words, or inserting an emoji or GIF. I want to get to know my friends, (those that I have met through Facebook and have yet to meet in person) yes I will still play games, partake in polls, use GIFs and insert emoji’s but every day I am going to post, actually type, as I am doing now, at least one thing on my wall, and I would like to think that at least one of my friends, if not more, would reply to that with actual words and maybe an emoji or two, and if they feel like it, a GIF

Where Did All The Anvils Go?

Where Did All The Anvils Go?

This question has had Gilmore Girls Fans, such as me, thinking; Where did the Anvils Go?  these things were so as Lauren Grahm AKA Loralie  Gilmore “Ubiquitous” at one point that child knew what they were (the fact that they were in Cartoon shows how familiar the younger population would be with these things)

Here is my working Theory: (For you non Gilmore Fans Character references will be listed below, and also if you have never seen this show, What the He-Haw is wrong with you?!) here it goes

After Lorielie’s Revelation at one of their traditional Friday night dinners, Richard being a tad inquisitive and also growing tired of hearing Emily go on and on about how Lorilie and Christopher should have gotten married when she became pregnant with Rory, Richard packed up suitcase, kissed a still ranting Emily goodbye and headed out for the land of Looney Tunes, having no idea where the land of looney was, or what the proper behavior would be once he got there Ricahrd decided he needed to take a couple people with him to help him fit in and pull off a truly wacky persona so he swung by Starshallow, picked up Taylor Doose and Kirk (whatever his last name is) and head off on his quest for these heavy metal objects.


Finally after many hours of walking there in the middle of Connticut the trio came across  the Land Of Looney Tunes they searched and searched and searched for the Anvils, finally finding them in Wylie Coyotes cave, turns out each and everyone of anvils that had been dropped on him over the years, he had kept and had taken back to his home, after some intense negotiation, handled by Richard and Taylor of course while Kirk stood awkwardly in the background, the group of men walked away with Anvils and decided to divvy them up Equally.

Taylor used his as weapons of threat for anyone who dare not come to the town meetings,

Kirk turned his into his latest business, Anvils with different town happenings put on them, among the more popular ones being “Babette Ate Oatmeal” and “Rory’s Going to Yale”

Richard put his hidden in a deep dark corner of the house with the Panic Room, Emily purchased while they were separated (111111) only he and the maids know of their existence and location, so when Emily threatens and/or actually fires a maid they can go to the deep dark corner of the house pick up an anvil and hit Emily with it on their way out the door, this has no lasting effect on Mrs Gilmore because as a true Gilmore Girls Fan knows nothing can bring her down



Richard, husband to Emily, Father to Lorielie, Grandfather to Rory, Feared by Dean

Emily, Wife to Richard, Mother to Lorielie, Grandmother to Rory, Fear by both Jess and Dean a like

Lorielie: Daughter to Richard and Emily, mother to Rory, friend to all

Rory, Daughter to Christopher and Lorielie, Granddaughter to Emily and Richard, Girlfriend to Dean, Jess, Logan and oh shoot whats his name, oh that’s right Paul.

Christopher Father to Rory, on again off again life partner to Lorialie

Kirk: Son to his mother, whatever her name is, Boyfriend to LuLu

Dean, first boyfriend to Rory, town hunk

Jess, second boyfriend to Rory, town hoodlum

Logan Rich college kid, future newspaper tycoon

Paul, the boyfriend no one can remember