The life of a first time renter

I have been in my apartment for a month now and to say I have broken it in is an understatement, the first day I was here, I ran the dishwasher, on the sink next to the faucet was a silver thing a majig I was not sure what it was……. until my dishwasher ran and got to the “Rinse” Cycle, ya see the silver thing was/is the drain for the water in the dishwasher, I had turned it around, do when the excess water flooded my counter and kitchen floor, and when I say flooded I mean flooded. I was able to mop my kitchen floor and entry way floor with the water, on the bright side, my counters and floor were nice and clean. I have locked my self out of the laundry room, accidentally left my front door unlocked after leaving, and the latest, I started a small fire on my stove top this week(no worries no damage done) setting off the smoke alarm. So to any new, or not so new renters, have no fear, you are not alone. We all make these stupid and sometimes dangerous mistakes.


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