Eleven years later…………

Eleven years after the attacks on The World Trade Center in New York, and the Pentagon, the vision of the black smoke rising against the early morning skies, is as vivid as they were on September 11th, 2001. Our country has changed in these 11 years, thousands of lives where lost, not just in the two towers and the planes, but also all the men and women who have paid the ultimate price in fighting in the war on Terrorism. Millions of lives have been effect, the family members of those lost are with out the person and in some cases people they love. There are children who will never know their moms, dads, aunts, uncles. cousins………………. and all because a group of people decided to take thousands of innocent lives. 


There is a glimmer of hope though, the single man responsible for these attacks, has been killed, we are getting our troops out of harms way. We are in a major political year, perhaps one of the biggest since the war began, the economy, getting our troops home and the health care system are all big focuses of this campaign, no one knows for certain where we will be from now, I hope we will be in a better place, I hope we stop pointing fingers, and putting the blame on “The Other Guy” I hope we can start looking at “The Man In The Mirror” take this piece of advice “Be The Change You Want To See In The World” 


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