The World We Live In Today

Life/ society is now, compared to how it was in twenty years ago sure seems different, of course there has always been significant progress and development in every generation, but in the world of Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest, it seems to becoming more and more focused on technology, and there is nothing wrong with that, it’s just how this progress and evolve.

I highly doubt that our Founding Fathers, when looking into the future, saw us all communicating electronically, spending more time looking down our phones, then looking up at the world around us, nor do I think that they would be entirely pleased to see what mess Politics has become, it’s almost as though every four years this great Country of ours goes into a Political War, where, it seems no one is ever wrong, and always right. I do believe we all have developed a bit of an ego when it comes to our Political views, we are right, and the other person, who has different beliefs is wrong.


If anyone thinks that one day we are all going to wake up and share the same thoughts and ideas, as well as a way of living, I got some ocean front property in Colorado I would like to sell you. It’s not about always being right, is a compromise, living in this country is like entering into a relationship, it takes work, sacrifice, and a mutual understanding of how others feel to make it all work, also being open minded to others views and life’s would not hurt, flipping the coin around, and truly putting our self’s in the others shoes before casting judgement on the way they live.


This advice is especially true when it comes to celebrities, we may think we know everything because we see news of their daily lives, well let me give you all a reality check, 99.9999999% of what is printed is GARBAGE it’s put out by money hungry writers who care only about the pay check and not the feeling of the people the write about.  Oh and that line “But they put them self’s out there, they should expect this” what a load of BS we all put our self’s out in this world every day, does that mean the thousands of children and adults that get bullied on a daily basis deserve that treatment, I think not, celebrities are HUMANS first, staring in a movie or playing a roll on TV is there job. It’s easy to see the glitz and glamor of it all, we see the money the big houses the fancy cars the lavish vacations. but inside, they are just like you and me, they have a heart, they have feelings, and they too, get hurt by nasty remarks, no amount of money, fame or material things can ease the pain of being torn into.  Just a little something for everyone to think about


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