A Letter to an Ignorant Society

In the last two weeks we have seen a small bakery in Oregon refuse service to a same-sex couple, a young boy beaten so bad he had to be put into a medically induced coma, and a dog who was put on “Death Row” for defending him self (the last of these stories is not as popular as the first two)

The bakery in Oregon, the owner(s) of witch use the flimsy “1st Amendment Right” card refused to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple, has now put out a statement the it was not their intention to hurt or offend any one. I am sorry but exactly what was his intention when he refused service to some one because of their sexual orientation did he think “Oh I probably just made this couple feel so good, i am sure they will be back again” Make no mistake getting people to see gay couples in the same light as male-female couples is this generation’s civil rights movement

Update, After hearing about the couple Duff Goldmen (Best Know for his Food Network Show “Ace Of Cakes” offered to make a wedding cake for this couple, proving that there is still good in this world.


We Also learned this week that boy who was in a school yard fight, witch resulted in a bullies beating him to the point of him having a concussion, his parents took him to their local ER where he was treated and released but in the following days, the victim’s fatherĀ  realized that his son was not him self, sleeping a lot moody, a bit angry and not eating much, he also started to have violent seizures and needed be hospitalized and put into a medically induced coma where he has remained for the last two weeks.

Update, it was reported this morning (March 3rd, 2013) that the victim of this attack was taken off life support, and passed, just one day after turning 12 years old. Let this be a reminder that something needs to be done about the bullying epidemic in this country


The last story is not nearly as public as the first two but is still just as horrible. A Service Dog named “Dutch” was put on “Death Row” after biting a person who admitted to severely beating the dog. I got an e-mail asking me to sign a petition to save Dutch. I felt it was a civil injustice to punish this dog for defending him self, if a human defended them self’s would we sentence them to death? I think not.


I feel that we are living in an ignorant/ “Sweep it under the rug and it will go away” Society, ignoring these issues that are an every day happening in Society is not going to make them go away, they have to be dealt with they have to be brought to light, people have to talk about them, be open minded to others’ feelings and way of life, though I will not hold my breath, look at how long it took us to recognize African/American’s as equals there is still room for much improvement for equal pay for women (meaning we make as much as our male counterparts)