From one generation to the next

Tonight during a weekly Skype chat with my sister and three year old niece, Malia, my niece, posed us (me, my mom, and dad) for a picture, in the past she has just wanted to take our picture, did not matter how we looked but tonight she told us how to pose. Immediately memories of my grandfather posing our family for our annual Christmas Dinner Photo came flooding back.  I told Malia that her Great-Grandfather would be proud of her, she had no idea who or what I was talking about. Malia Sadly will never know her Maternal Great grandparents, expect through the stories she hears from the family, my grandfather passed away 5 years ago (two years before Malia appeared on the scene) and while my grandmother was still around during the first year or so of her life, they never met, my grandmother saw pictures of Malia and Malia is now getting to see pictures of her Great-Grandmother, but there is still a big part of me that wishes they could have met in person, even if it was only once, and even if Malia would have had no memory of it, I cherished seeing my grandparents with my cousins kids, and am saddened by the fact that Malia and any children after her will never know their loving embrace.

My Grandfather, normally a very serious man, seemed become a kid again when he was around the younger members of our family, passing down invaluable lessons, the importance of family and what it means to be a member of a family.

My Grandmother was the typical grandmother, funny, caring, and one heck of a cook/baker, something that all of us grandchildren inherited. While I tend to lean more to the baking side of things, my sister and cousin have done an amazing job of keeping her long loved family recipes alive and going, she’d be proud of all the we are continuing to do to carry on her legacy.

I can’t wait to one day tell Malia about her wonderful Great Grandparents that once were.


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