Negative Nellies

If there is one thing that I absolutely can’t stand, it’s people who are determined to find the negative in even the happiest of situations. We have all seen them, a news post of something that most people would get joy out of, and there amongst the happy comments is one or more comments from people who just refuse to be happy.

Perhaps these people had a rough childhood, or just a bad life, well guess what, as bad as you have there is someone out there that has it even worse. I used to work at a local hospital, working in the kitchen, part of my job was to take the patient trays to the room, my favorite place to go was the Children’s Hospital, specifically the Oncology unite, I would walk into a room and these little munchkins would be hooked up to all sorts of machines and yet still be thrilled to see you, they were always happy. In my three years there, never did I ever encounter a child that was sad, they were always happy and always had a positive out look.

Ten minutes later I could be delivering a tray to an adult who just had surgery, knew that they were going to be fine, knew that they were going to be able to get out of the hospital in a few days, and live the rest of their life, and they would be grouchy and just plain mean, now I know that being in the hospital is no fun, I spent a lot of time in the hospital growing up. But come on, if you know you are going to get out of there, whats to be so negitive about?


So here is what I am trying to get across in this rambling dialog, be happy, life is to short to be anything but.


The Bachelorette 2013





Well here we are, less then two weeks away from the season premiere of the new Bachelorette. We all remember Desiree getting let go by then Bachelor Sean Lowe earlier this year, Sean found his dream love in Catherine, now it’s time for Desiree to find hers.

The photos of the men have been released by ABC, but I am not of those people who looks at the pics, I skim the bio’s just to see if any one is from my neck of the woods, nor do I read the spoilers, I know where/who posts those, so during the season I just steer clear of said websites to avoid any temptation to look at spoilers. I like to be surprised.

I think America is going to be able to relate to Desiree, what she went through as a child is something most American’s are going through now, and that is tough economic times. However, Desiree has created quite the life for her self. it would have been easy for her to lean on her past as if it were a crutch, a reason to not try, not only did she try, she succeeded, that speak volumes to the environment her parents created for her growing up. I can’t wait to see how this season goes : )

Here are some facts

People both for and against further gun control in this country seem to like their numbers, I am one of those people. I am not going to tell you right out what side of the debate I am on, just read this blog and you will know.

11, 493 people where killed by guns in The United States last year, that is just one year, but the 11,493 is not the only number we need to think about, there many many more lives effect, the family, and friends of the victims. People lost their mothers, fathers, brothers, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces nephews, sons and daughters. the number of lives effected by these senseless tragedies is countless, you want to protect your self? Great go out get some pepper spray, take some self defense classes be aware of your surroundings.

I still believe we have the right to bare arms, but do we really need these assault riffles, let me put emphasis on the word NEED we learn in kindergarten the difference between NEED and WANT, that lesson does not seem to stick for long.