The Bachelorette 2013





Well here we are, less then two weeks away from the season premiere of the new Bachelorette. We all remember Desiree getting let go by then Bachelor Sean Lowe earlier this year, Sean found his dream love in Catherine, now it’s time for Desiree to find hers.

The photos of the men have been released by ABC, but I am not of those people who looks at the pics, I skim the bio’s just to see if any one is from my neck of the woods, nor do I read the spoilers, I know where/who posts those, so during the season I just steer clear of said websites to avoid any temptation to look at spoilers. I like to be surprised.

I think America is going to be able to relate to Desiree, what she went through as a child is something most American’s are going through now, and that is tough economic times. However, Desiree has created quite the life for her self. it would have been easy for her to lean on her past as if it were a crutch, a reason to not try, not only did she try, she succeeded, that speak volumes to the environment her parents created for her growing up. I can’t wait to see how this season goes : )


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