Migraines; The Internal Dialog

I have been battling Migraine Head Aches for about 6 years now (“Headaches” by the way does not even begin to describe the “Ache” a Migraine brings with it) but in the last year or so they have gotten worse. Mine started after suffering some minor brain trauma,  at the time I had ever scan, test and neurological exmanation known to man, all of witch came back negative  and still follow up on the neurology  aspect of things, everything is still completely normal. And yet, here I am 6yrs later, still struggling with the awful “Head aches” (PS to anyone who has never had one and says “Oh just power through”, do me a favor go ram your head into a brick wall or smack your self over the head with a frying pan and then try to “Power through” ) 

Anyway, I am affraid its starting to effect my job, I do not work much as it is, and when I do, it seems that I go home with a Migraine about 55-60% of the time, my boss has told me not to worry about it if I have to go home and I know she means it, but then there are my other co-workers (most of whom have never even had a migraine), who I know, talk about me behind my back, how do I know this you ask? Well because they do it to every other person I work with. So when I do have to go home (I try to stay as long as I can, take meds, do whatever I can) I know that they are talking about me, and I don’t think its concern for my well being ( I work with the “me” generation) I know they are talking about how I am Always going home, and maybe how I am making this up, (they are also overly dramatic) they are very un-empathetic to my face, even when its clear I am in blinding pain, they just dont care. So then of course I have this “Internal dialog” going on in my brain, about what they might be saying when I have to go home, witch stresses me out even more. I am the only one who is in a situation like this? 


I am, however, very lucky to have a supportive family who wants answers just as bad as I do. So that helps. 


Why Do They Feel The Need

I follow many well known people on Facebook and Twitter, and am always dissapointed to see people who impersonate these people. Why do people do that? What’s the point, do they get some sort of personal high off of pretending to be someone they are not?  Does it feed into a fragile ego, making them feel important?

I just don’t get it, I report any pages I know are fake, one thing I do is go to the webpages of the celebrities. now a days they all have links there that will take you right to their twitter/facebook/Google+/Instagram/Youtube and any other social media pages they have, if its not listed on their site, chances are, they dont have it. I am thinking part of the reason having these links on the webpages is because of these fake accounts out there, so imposters beware, you will be caught, eventually

Happy Independence Day



Okay I am going to go on a little bit of a rant here, so be warned, through out this week and especially today, I have noticed several posts on Facebook and Tweets on Twitter talking about “The 4th Of July” So here goes the rant its Independence Day, Happy Independence Day, After all it is not called “The Deceleration of 4th Of July” the brave men and women in our armed forces do not fight for an protect our “4th Of July” we did not “4th Of July” from France, Today and every fourth day of July we celebrate our Independence, after all we don’t say “Merry 25th Day Of December” Okay so there it is, my rant now, say it with me “Happy Independence Day”