Why Do They Feel The Need

I follow many well known people on Facebook and Twitter, and am always dissapointed to see people who impersonate these people. Why do people do that? What’s the point, do they get some sort of personal high off of pretending to be someone they are not?  Does it feed into a fragile ego, making them feel important?

I just don’t get it, I report any pages I know are fake, one thing I do is go to the webpages of the celebrities. now a days they all have links there that will take you right to their twitter/facebook/Google+/Instagram/Youtube and any other social media pages they have, if its not listed on their site, chances are, they dont have it. I am thinking part of the reason having these links on the webpages is because of these fake accounts out there, so imposters beware, you will be caught, eventually


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