One Diagnosis, that changes a family

four and half years ago, my cousin, Nathan, all of 6 years old was going about his life, not bothering a sole, quite the contrary actually, he helped out whenever and how ever he could, sometimes all it took was a smile or the way he’d grab your hand and lead you to go play, then, Memorial day weekend of 2009, he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

I will never forget getting that call, or my mom getting that call and her telling me, I froze. Was trying to process it all, then four seconds later, went from “Frozen” to worrying, Worrying about what this would mean for Nathan, for his parents, Tracy and Kevin, his brother James, his Grandparents, Linda, Gerry, Kelly, and Kathy.

In the last four years, Nathan, who is now 10, has taught all of us what fighting, yet still living is all about, speaking personally he has taught me more about life in the last ten years, especially the last four, then anyone else in my life ever has.  It does not take much, that 10, 15, or 20 dollars you were going to spend on lunch or dinner out today, that shirt you just had to have, that could be all it takes to help find a cure to this horrible disease.  Please follow the link below to donate to my team, lets find a cure