To All Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMTs and other Public service aids

As I hear the roar of an ambulance pass down the busy highway just off my street, I had to pause for minute. All to often Law Enforcement, Firefighters and other public service aids get ripped apart by my fellow American’s. I, am not one of those people, for I have know at least one person in each of the risky job fields listed above. Like all of us they are just doing their jobs to the best of their abilities, and just like us, they are human and have to work with in a certain protocol, I challenge every single person out there who disgraces these people to walk in their shoes for just one day, perhaps your point of view would change, but then again, perhaps not, some people are wrapped up in them selfs to be able to see the daily struggles and sacrifices of those around them. 


Me through unfiltered eyes

Through out all my life, people have known, they have know there is something a little different about me, in school, kids teased me, in some work situations co-workers treated me like I was an univalent, society as a whole wants to put me and others like me in this little box, they want to label us, and measure what we are capable of based upon what they “know” about our condition(s)


When I was about five or six years old I was diagnosed with mild cerebral Palsy from there I got treated differently, I know some teachers tried their best to not make it know that I needed extra help and at the time I honestly did not realize it, was not until I was an adult (the ultimate lesson in hindsight can be 20/20) Now, for the first time in my life, there is some one who is seeing me through unfiltered eyes, my niece, Malia, who is four, she just sees me as her auntie, the person that plays with her, the person that reads to her, the person that makes her giggle that cute little giggle she’s had all her life. I may not be perfect, far from it, but its nice to have some one in my life who sees me with out the flaws that others tend to view me with 



Aunties and Uncles Exist Too

Okay something has been bothering me for the last four years, and I have to get off my chest. Aunties and Uncles are just as important in a child’s life as grandparents, great-grandparents, Godparents, brothers, sisters, and cousins. And yet all things the related to a child’s extended family seem to be geared towards the family members mentioned above, now coming from a large family I know how important having a good extended support system is, and I am not trying to diminish the importance of the rolls of the other members of the family. 


However, I am getting frustrated of having endless cards. clothes and picture frames that are perfect for other members of the extended family to give to the children and there is next to nothing for aunts and uncles. I am an Auntie to two of the most wonderful little girls you’d ever want to meet (though I am sure all aunties and uncles would say that) I would love nothing more then to be able to go and get a few picture frames and cards (Birthday, Halloween Christmas…) that say either “Niece” or “Auntie” on them, but they are nowhere to be found, or stores have them and there is only one or two to pick from, tough when you are buying for multiple children.


I know I can special order picture frames and such, but I just do not feel I should have to I don’t get why companies do not make these products 

Hotel Etiquette

Its a simple word really, Manners, with an even simpler meaning, to be considerate of, and polite to others, okay I am not sure that is the actually meaning you will find in the Dictionary, but you get my point, weather at home or out in public (and yes other people’s houses as well) a certain amount of manners or “Etiquette” is required of you, I know for some this can be a difficult concept to grasp, so lets just start out slowly here. 


Hotel Etiquette:

Though it is made to feel as comfortable as home(sometimes even more so) that does not mean that you can treat it as such. Slamming doors, talking in a raised voice having the TV on to loud, letting your children run free. Are all no’no’s in a hotel, Espcially when its late at night (anything past 10:30) or early in the morning (before 8am.) Now I do realize its a public place and some may have the attitude of “Just deal with it” well, no, I don’t want to “Deal with it” while on vacation, I “Deal” with enough in my every day life that is why I go on vacation, to relax, get away, recharge my self, witch is hard to do with doors forever slamming, people talking so loud you can almost hear their every word (even with earphones in and a movie on) and people, not walking, but thumping up and down the hall way, but now, that it is a bit more quite I shall try to sleep, that is, if this person out side revving up his or her Mortercyle ever decides to leave 

To Those Approaching Your 30’s

Having almost one full year of my 30’s under my belt, I decided that I would let the cat outta the bag. Literally a month after turning 30 I started falling apart, arthritis developing in my left knee, tendentious developing in my left Elbow, already have in both wrists, Migraines getting worse, you name a body region, it bothered me at one point or another this year, as of right now, I have a support  brace on my left ankle after spraining last week, today I went to the doctor, where I have probably spent more time then my own home, okay that maybe going a bit to far, but you get my point, I have been there a lot for a person my age. I start Physical Therapy next week for Bursitis in my left shoulder.

I work with the elderly and lets just say I find my self swapping stories with them often about aches and pains, that is not a good sign. I do all I can, but due to the line of work I am in (Food Service) and past injuries that include but are not limited to, hyper-extending my left knee, rolling my left ankle, slamming my lower back agains a hard tile floor, and on and on and on, as well as those lovely inherited conditions that are passed down from one generation to the next, I just age a bit more then the typical 30 year, so while you may not be in nearly as bad shape as I am, just be ware, once you hit 30, that is when things start to go down hill, at least thats the way it seems to be, has been for me and multiple other wise healthy friends I have.