To Those Approaching Your 30’s

Having almost one full year of my 30’s under my belt, I decided that I would let the cat outta the bag. Literally a month after turning 30 I started falling apart, arthritis developing in my left knee, tendentious developing in my left Elbow, already have in both wrists, Migraines getting worse, you name a body region, it bothered me at one point or another this year, as of right now, I have a support  brace on my left ankle after spraining last week, today I went to the doctor, where I have probably spent more time then my own home, okay that maybe going a bit to far, but you get my point, I have been there a lot for a person my age. I start Physical Therapy next week for Bursitis in my left shoulder.

I work with the elderly and lets just say I find my self swapping stories with them often about aches and pains, that is not a good sign. I do all I can, but due to the line of work I am in (Food Service) and past injuries that include but are not limited to, hyper-extending my left knee, rolling my left ankle, slamming my lower back agains a hard tile floor, and on and on and on, as well as those lovely inherited conditions that are passed down from one generation to the next, I just age a bit more then the typical 30 year, so while you may not be in nearly as bad shape as I am, just be ware, once you hit 30, that is when things start to go down hill, at least thats the way it seems to be, has been for me and multiple other wise healthy friends I have.


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