Hotel Etiquette

Its a simple word really, Manners, with an even simpler meaning, to be considerate of, and polite to others, okay I am not sure that is the actually meaning you will find in the Dictionary, but you get my point, weather at home or out in public (and yes other people’s houses as well) a certain amount of manners or “Etiquette” is required of you, I know for some this can be a difficult concept to grasp, so lets just start out slowly here. 


Hotel Etiquette:

Though it is made to feel as comfortable as home(sometimes even more so) that does not mean that you can treat it as such. Slamming doors, talking in a raised voice having the TV on to loud, letting your children run free. Are all no’no’s in a hotel, Espcially when its late at night (anything past 10:30) or early in the morning (before 8am.) Now I do realize its a public place and some may have the attitude of “Just deal with it” well, no, I don’t want to “Deal with it” while on vacation, I “Deal” with enough in my every day life that is why I go on vacation, to relax, get away, recharge my self, witch is hard to do with doors forever slamming, people talking so loud you can almost hear their every word (even with earphones in and a movie on) and people, not walking, but thumping up and down the hall way, but now, that it is a bit more quite I shall try to sleep, that is, if this person out side revving up his or her Mortercyle ever decides to leave 


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