Me through unfiltered eyes

Through out all my life, people have known, they have know there is something a little different about me, in school, kids teased me, in some work situations co-workers treated me like I was an univalent, society as a whole wants to put me and others like me in this little box, they want to label us, and measure what we are capable of based upon what they “know” about our condition(s)


When I was about five or six years old I was diagnosed with mild cerebral Palsy from there I got treated differently, I know some teachers tried their best to not make it know that I needed extra help and at the time I honestly did not realize it, was not until I was an adult (the ultimate lesson in hindsight can be 20/20) Now, for the first time in my life, there is some one who is seeing me through unfiltered eyes, my niece, Malia, who is four, she just sees me as her auntie, the person that plays with her, the person that reads to her, the person that makes her giggle that cute little giggle she’s had all her life. I may not be perfect, far from it, but its nice to have some one in my life who sees me with out the flaws that others tend to view me with 




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I like to share my thoughts on a wide range of topics, after reading my blogs, you will not have any doubt what my thoughts are on the topic(s) I have just blogged about.

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