To All Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMTs and other Public service aids

As I hear the roar of an ambulance pass down the busy highway just off my street, I had to pause for minute. All to often Law Enforcement, Firefighters and other public service aids get ripped apart by my fellow American’s. I, am not one of those people, for I have know at least one person in each of the risky job fields listed above. Like all of us they are just doing their jobs to the best of their abilities, and just like us, they are human and have to work with in a certain protocol, I challenge every single person out there who disgraces these people to walk in their shoes for just one day, perhaps your point of view would change, but then again, perhaps not, some people are wrapped up in them selfs to be able to see the daily struggles and sacrifices of those around them. 


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I like to share my thoughts on a wide range of topics, after reading my blogs, you will not have any doubt what my thoughts are on the topic(s) I have just blogged about.

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