One Year Later, And It Still Boggles My Mind

One year later, One year after having lost 26 innocent soles, one year afar a senseless tragedy that never should have happened, one year since 26 moms, 26 dads, 26, brothers/sisters, 26 grandfather, 26 grandmothers, countless cousins, aunts, uncles, friends and classmates lost experienced a tragedy. No one should ever have to experience, especially when some of the victims left behind are still so young and innocent, a part of that innocence no doubt gone forever. And Today we learn of another school shooting that took another life. 


People say we don’t need gun control, would like for those people to go look the families of Sand Hook Elementary and those of the school shooting in Colorado of this past Friday in the eye and say “I am sorry your child is dead but nah we don’t need gun control in this country, my rights are far more important then the life of your precious children” That is the vibe I have gotten from people over this last year, Oh and for those of you who are going to bring up the debate of the wars America has entered, did you know that more people have been killed and/or injured in shootings here at home (in the US) then in the last two wars combined, there’s some food for thought for ya, And to those of you who are on your soap box about not wanting to lose your gun rights, they are not trying to take you guns, they are just trying to make this a safer country to live in.