Amanda Knox: Due Justice, Or Italian Witch Hunt?

Again the verdict came down today from an Italian Superior Court, Amanda Knox, presumed murderer of her former British Roommate Meredith Kertcher; found Guilty, not the first, not the second but the third time, now if this had take place in America, well it wouldn’t have cause we have thing called Double Jeopardy, no such luck for Knox in the Italian Judicial system (if they can call it that) 


The supposed DNA Evidence used to put Amanda in Jail, was found to be contaminated, that alone in America, would have set her free, guilty or not, but again, not in Italy, apparently there once they have decided who they want the criminal to be, that is it, all other suspects are ruled out, no matter how damming the evidence, now, am I sticking up for Amanda just because she is an American, or just because she is from Washington like my self, NO, I am sticking up for her because she a truly innocent person, was her DNA on the knife supposedly used to kill Meredith, well of course it was, she used, in the kitchen of her now ex-boy friends house. 


I have watched perhaps every interview Amanda has given and not once has she wavered in her side of the story, details have not changed her reaction has not changed, her want to apologize to Meredith’s Family has not changed, nothing has changed, these are all signs of an innocent person, who, I would not blame if she never wanted to go back to Italy ever again, I sure don’t.