Dancing With The Stars, Before You Judge, Take a Dance In Her Shoes, Amy Purdy

I am an avid fan of Dancing With The Stars. rarely miss a season, and this season, like most, I am in awe of Derek Hough’s partner, Amy Purdy, and double leg amputee. Every week she glides, so it seems effortlessly across the floor as if she has done it this way her whole life, when in fact she has not, its just been in the last few year that Amy has had to adjust to a new normal with proscethic legs after contracting spinal menigitous in college. Last week we watched and listened in disbelief as we heard Amy was being taken to an area LA hospital after suffering muscle spams in her back just moments after her and Derek had danced. Later we would learn she also had a displaced rib, leaving both her and Derek to wonder if she would be able to compete this week, luckily she has been cleared by doctors to dance, Derek has been practicing with a stand in while Amy has been sitting in on practices watching and learning the moves.

Unfortunately, this show, like others show me societies dark side, that there is a lack of empathy in the world today, for among the well wishes and bravo’s there are whispers, no forget that, shouts of there being pity votes for Purdy, suggesting that she is not really earning the scores she is given week after week, now weather or not that is true is beside the point, Amy does not control the scoring, the judges do, people talk about her continuous crying, show me one single person who has ever been on this show, judges included who has not cried, I don’t know, I just look at this beautiful women and wonder how people can be so cruel.




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