Elderly Care

I have been working at a local assisted living home for almost 7 years, there are only 4 residents that are there now that were there when I first started. When you choose to work with the elderly you are saying that you will care for them as if they were family, witch after a while becomes easier and easier because soon they become your family and you theirs.


Working with seniors is unlike any other job you have had,or will have in future. Depending on the type of care facility (that sound infinitely better then a “Home”) these people rely on you for just about everything. Its important to be compassionate, empathetic and understanding of each individual and understand things from his or her point of view. You also have to incorporate what the family wants and of course what is good for them in the long run, if you have a resident who is diabetic, for instance, it does not matter how much ice cream he or she wants, it is your responsibility limit it, and after time, you will learn how to best approach these kinds of circumstances.


As I said in the paragraph above there are many people’s feelings and views to consider when working with the elderly, actually in health care period. but at the end of the day you are there to do what’s best for the resident, witch can be easier said then done. You have residents who comply with every guideline you lay out for them, they may not like it but they know its in their best interest. Much like working with children, you just have to pick your battles


Remember you are working in these people’s homes, it can be easy to get the lines blurred ¬†between what you consider work and what they call home, treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve, I have been working since I graduated high school well over ten years ago and this is by far the most rewarding job I have ever had. Yes I have days where I just want to scream, walk out the building and never come back again but I can count those kind of days over the last 7 years on one hand.


New Year, New Resolutions…..

Well here it is, 2016 (though I am not sure we got all of 2015, I am convinced they removed a couple of months on us)

Every year its the same thing, we resolve to lose weight, eat better, save more money, be better people, and the list goes on, these resolutions typically last, at the best a month and then we are right back to our old ways. A few years back I got tired of forever breaking my resolutions, I hate disappointing people, especially my self.

So I decided I would come up with something new, something simple, something that involved my passion, cooking, as of last year my one and only resolution was to make at least one new recipe every week, mainly because like most people, I had a never ending pins on my recipes board on pintrest that I wanted to try, and I new that this resolution would help me do so. I think this is far more manageable and realistic that your typical resolutions. I do it also to help my parents out of this food rut they seem to be stuck in. Last week I made an incredible slow cooker mushroom dish, this week I think I am going to try to do something new with Zucchini since I have some sitting in the fridge.

So long, So Little Blogging.

Technical difficulties beyond my control led me to not being able to blog these last few months, those “issues” being my computer not turning on, (even though it was fully charged) not being able to hook up to Wi-Fi and certain keys not working, but now that my computer is back from the Doctors (AKA the wonderful people at Apple) I would really like to start blogging on a more regular basis, this may mean posting on all my sites every or just one or two, it all depends on what is on my mind from one week to the next. So stay tuned, you never know when I will post.