Dear Facebook/Twitter Users, Liking, RTing Sharing Does NOTHING

It seems everyday I get onto Facebook and there are posts about how we need to treat our Veterans better or how we need to put an end to Child abuse, cancer, diabetes and numerous other medical conditions, well I got news for all of you who Like Share and Comment on these posts(I am including my self here) that does absolutely NOTHING. Do you honestly think our leaders are siting around on Facebook and twitter waiting in anticipation for these posts, no, if you want action get off of Facebook and Twitter get into your word processor and write letter(s) to our leaders.


If you want to go the digital rout, fine, e-mail, find the Facebook pages, but for the love of God don’t sit there and think that “Sharing” a post is going to make a difference, sure it makes the rest of us think, but it does very little in form of action. Its called Social Media for a reason you can do a lot more with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Periscope then just sharing your day to day life. Okay, this rant, for now is done.