I Wonder……..



independence_day-9117As we approach this Independence Day Weekend, I wonder if this is the country our Founding Fathers envisioned all those years ago. Where we use our freedom of speech not only to let our opinions be known, but to also hurt and disrespect others, often times combining these two actions. I wonder if they would be okay with how we disrespect the leaders of this great country of ours.

All those years ago before there were defined cities, or even defined states, before there were boarders, when they fought so hard for our Independence from France. As they wrote the Declaration Of Independence, and those Amendments that we hold so dear and use on daily basis…….. I wonder what they would think of this country as it stands today, where deadly shoot outs have become the norm, where people can still be discriminated against due to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, disability, income status, and/or country of origin.

Its odd how we complain about the selection of Presidential candidates we have to choose from, when most people in other countries would be thrilled and the mere idea that they would have a say in who ran their country.

People say we are loosing our freedom, thats odd because last I checked, we can worship witch ever religion and/ or spiritual belief we choose to. We can (legally) love whoever we want. Women are allowed to go to school, have jobs, provide for their families fight in wars. We as women can also serve our country as a Firefighter, EMT, or Police Officer. We can vote, drive and a variety of other things that women in most other countries can only dream of.

This is far from the country I wanted for my two precious nieces, who are still to young, innocent and inexperienced to know the true dangers this world holds, they are still dreamers, and believers of good, and disbelievers of evil. The truth will be revealed in due time to them, but until then and beyond, and I am only speaking for myself, they will have a believer in their lives, someone who supports their every dream, hope and aspiration.

This Blog has gone on longer then I anticipated but now that it is done, I am content with what I wrote. Thank You For Reading, Happy Independence Day.

To All of those who serve in The Mariners, Army, Navy, Airforce, As Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and EMT’s thank you for keeping us happy, healthy and safe.