Health Care and Compassion Go Hand In Hand

When I first started this blog I was not sure where I wanted to take, it, in the original draft. I realized, I was just rambling. well tonight after working I am more then ready to write this blog, I have collected my thoughts and am now ready  to put pen to paper and say what I believe is necessary to work in the health care field.

I work with the elderly when working in an assisted living home, nursing home or skilled nursing home you are there to serve them what ever they want, if you have available you give to them. Harsh as it may seem I do not care how big of an inconvenience it is you, you do what ever you can to make there lives as comfortable as possible, if you do not want to truly make a difference in people’s life’s make their road a bit easier, and perhaps more fun to travel, if you are in this merely for the money, or because generation upon generations of family members have done or because you don’t know what else to do, please take your time and consider all that is required of you to be in healthcare.


Weekends, holidays, time with family, that is hard to come by, breaks, eating regular food, good, luck, heck your lucky to be sitting down when your eating. I will admit, I am not a Nurse or even a nurse’s aid, I am in dietary to any one reading this that maybe in nursing and think we do not play an important roll. remember you may give RX medication but food and the conversation that goes with it  is just as important.


Now lets talk about next level of some what intensive care of medicine, the hospital setting, and its most vulnerable of patients, kids. I have had experiences on both sides, as a patient and as a care giver. As a child, it seemed like I was in and out of the hospital to the point that I thought it was a normal part of childhood,  by the time I was 9 years old I had had two eye surgeries, two bladder series two sets of tubes put in (and taken out) tonsils taken out kidney stones taken out that is a total of 8 surgeries by age 9.  Later on I would go back to the same hospital where I had so many of my surgeries to work in the kitchen on the patient tray line, but now it has a wonderful children’s hospital built onto the main hospital. I no longer work at the hospital, but there is one day I will never forget, Christmas Eve one year I decided to wear my Santa hat while delivering trays, I brought  some cookies to a kid in the pediatric Oncology unite wearing the hat, I thought that little boy was going to jump right out of his bed when he saw me coming, as I walked away I heard him say “Mommy Santa brought me cookies” that was at least eight years ago, and to this day I still smile when I think of that memory.


Here is what I am getting at, health care is not for the faint of heart, there is a lot of work, blood sweat and tears that goes into it.