The Right Of Freedom Of Speech Does Not Give You The Right To Speak In Hate

Earlier today it was announced that Seattle Mariners Suspended catcher Steve Clevenger with out pay for the rest of the season after hateful tweets were sent out from Clevenger’s account, these tweets were aimed towards Preside Obama and the black community as a whole. Below are tweets sent out by the Mariner’s catcher as well as an apology, I have copied all this content from


Clevenger’s Tweet’s


“Black people beating whites when a thug got shot holding a gun by a black police officer,” one of the tweets said, according to Seattle radio station KOMO reporter Jon Humbert, who published screen-grab images of Clevenger’s account, which was set to private Thursday night. “Haha s— cracks me up! Keep kneeling for the Anthem!”

Clevenger’s Apology:

“I grew up on the streets of Baltimore, a city I love to this very day,” Clevenger said. “I grew up in a very culturally diverse area of America and I am very proud to come from there. I am also proud that my inner circle of friends has never been defined by race but by the content of their character. Any former teammate or anyone who has met me can attest to this and I pride myself on not being a judgemental person. I just ask that the public not judge me because of an ill worded tweet.”

“I do believe that supporting our First Amendment rights and supporting local law enforcement are not mutually exclusive. With everything going on in the world I really just want what is best for everyone regardless of who they are. I like many Americans are frustrated by a lot of things in the world and I would like to be a part of the dialogue moving forward to make this a better world for everyone.

“I once again apologize to anyone who was offended today and I just ask you not judge me off of a social media posting. Thank you and God bless everyone.”

Now, here is where I take issue, and where my blog got its title. I fully support our right to free speech,what I do not, will not and will never support, is to use that right as way to support a momentary lapse of judgement, or as a way to support hate speech in any way shape or form. There are ways to get our thoughts, feeling and aggressions out with out using hate speech, now a days we, adults want children to be more respectful of others. How can we possibly expect them to do that when we, adults in their lives, don’t do it our selfs. You don’t think they hear and see everything you do, your wrong children are so intuitive, and are such good listeners (no really they are) the absorb EVERYTHING around them, they soak it up like a sponge and remember it for a looooooooooong time.

We cannot continue to use The First Amendment as a way to back up our hurtful words, we, as adults simply need to learn how to be more respectful of each other




Sometimes I am just blah….

Ever had one of those days (or a period of days) where you are just “Blah” where you are not really sick but at the same time you don’t feel like doing much, and I don’t mean putting off house work for the mere reasoning that you just don’t want to do it, you are just blah, where your body is telling you “Woah slow down we are going WAY to fast these days” well that has been me the last two days. With summer winding down and fall right around the corner (literally today is the last official day of summer) and having been on the go since it feels like May, I think my body finally yelled at me and said “YOU NEED TO STOP AND SLOW DOWN NOW!” so I did.


I kept trying to find excuses for my laziness, when in reality, I was not and am not being lazy, I am simply listening to my body, so what if it is 2:30pm, I have half eaten hot dog from lunch on the TV tray next to me and I still have yet to get dressed( though I will I need to go to the store and while I am not above wearing pajamas to run a couple of errands, wearing adult Eeroye footie pajamas is pushing it) All of this is okay with me, tomorrow I will go back to work and so will start my weekly routine, I will go back feeling refreshed and recharged witch will benefit not only me, but my co-workers and the residents I help care for.


So remember this, if you have had a busy period in your life like have, and you all of the sudden find your self in one of these “blah” moods, if you can, for as long as you can, plop your self on down on your couch or in your bed, watch some good TV have some good junk food and just do what makes you happy, its amazing what a little bit of me time can do for you.

It’s Okay With Me If You Say “I am A Little OCD” but……..

If you must utter the words “I am a little OCD” even if you do not have a formal diagnosis in hand, that is fine, I will not be offended, however, let me inform you on what it is really like to have Obsessive Compulsion Disorder, O.C.D ¬†Those of us who truly suffer from it (as in we have to be on medication and/or be in therapy ¬†for it,) it truly is a compulsion, the things we do, we have to do, to us it is as necessary as breathing, so when you see us behaving oddly or we lose our cool because things are not exactly the way we want them, please know its because we have reached a level of frustration. As hard as it is for you to understand our little idiocracies it is equally as hard for us to understand why you “The outsider” just don’t get it, because in our mind (witch we have a hard time escaping, harder then most) it just seems so logical, arguing with us does not help. Oh and telling us to calm down or “Its not that big of a deal” yeah, not a smart move


Believe it or not we are good problem solvers, just not when we are surrounded by chaos and have to many problems to solve, we really need to remove our self’s from the situation take some time and come back with a clear mind. I try to be as open as possible, I try to do things in a way that seems more effective, but I can guarantee you when I tell you I have to do things a certain way, its because I have tried every other way I could possibly think of, and they way I am going it is the most logical to me, does not matter if it makes sense to you, so long as it does not effect you, just move on, there are bigger fish to fry.


The one area I have the greatest issue with my O.C.D is work, mainly because people do not pay attention and I am constantly having to move things around to make my work more effective, I have come to find most of the time when I do these things my co-workers says “Oh that makes sense like that” but because for them it is not absolutely nesseacary to have it that way, it does not stay that way


The Take Away:

Obsessive Compulsion Disorder, O.C.D., is a real illness with real cause and effects, do not simply brush it off when someone comes to you says they have been diagnosed by a doctor to have had OCD, if you do not believe in mental disorders, that is fine, that is your right, however it is equally my right TO believe in them so do not try to push your beliefs on me, it is not going to help. and if you notice a co-worker, friend or family member showing signs of OCD just leave them be, don’t push them to go to a doctor or try to stop them from what they are doing, remember, its compulsion, its something we have to do, the more you stop us, the more frustrated we are going to get and in the end we are going to need to do it any way. Also wait for the person to come to you to admit they have a problem or to say they are getting professional help, whatever the situation and whatever your personal beliefs, support them, support what they are doing. Hard as it maybe, its the best thing you can do for them.