I have an idea,


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This idea just came to me, and I think most people, sadly will not be able to follow even simplest of instructions. How about we talk on Facebook, actually talk, no sharing of posts that read “I am going to see how many people are really paying attention” no GIFs no polls Just talking, going back to basics, back to what Facebook was meant for, human connection, talking, actually having to type more then a few words, or inserting an emoji or GIF. I want to get to know my friends, (those that I have met through Facebook and have yet to meet in person) yes I will still play games, partake in polls, use GIFs and insert emoji’s but every day I am going to post, actually type, as I am doing now, at least one thing on my wall, and I would like to think that at least one of my friends, if not more, would reply to that with actual words and maybe an emoji or two, and if they feel like it, a GIF