Here are some facts

People both for and against further gun control in this country seem to like their numbers, I am one of those people. I am not going to tell you right out what side of the debate I am on, just read this blog and you will know.

11, 493 people where killed by guns in The United States last year, that is just one year, but the 11,493 is not the only number we need to think about, there many many more lives effect, the family, and friends of the victims. People lost their mothers, fathers, brothers, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces nephews, sons and daughters. the number of lives effected by these senseless tragedies is countless, you want to protect your self? Great go out get some pepper spray, take some self defense classes be aware of your surroundings.

I still believe we have the right to bare arms, but do we really need these assault riffles, let me put emphasis on the word NEED we learn in kindergarten the difference between NEED and WANT, that lesson does not seem to stick for long.


From one generation to the next

Tonight during a weekly Skype chat with my sister and three year old niece, Malia, my niece, posed us (me, my mom, and dad) for a picture, in the past she has just wanted to take our picture, did not matter how we looked but tonight she told us how to pose. Immediately memories of my grandfather posing our family for our annual Christmas Dinner Photo came flooding back.  I told Malia that her Great-Grandfather would be proud of her, she had no idea who or what I was talking about. Malia Sadly will never know her Maternal Great grandparents, expect through the stories she hears from the family, my grandfather passed away 5 years ago (two years before Malia appeared on the scene) and while my grandmother was still around during the first year or so of her life, they never met, my grandmother saw pictures of Malia and Malia is now getting to see pictures of her Great-Grandmother, but there is still a big part of me that wishes they could have met in person, even if it was only once, and even if Malia would have had no memory of it, I cherished seeing my grandparents with my cousins kids, and am saddened by the fact that Malia and any children after her will never know their loving embrace.

My Grandfather, normally a very serious man, seemed become a kid again when he was around the younger members of our family, passing down invaluable lessons, the importance of family and what it means to be a member of a family.

My Grandmother was the typical grandmother, funny, caring, and one heck of a cook/baker, something that all of us grandchildren inherited. While I tend to lean more to the baking side of things, my sister and cousin have done an amazing job of keeping her long loved family recipes alive and going, she’d be proud of all the we are continuing to do to carry on her legacy.

I can’t wait to one day tell Malia about her wonderful Great Grandparents that once were.

A Letter to an Ignorant Society

In the last two weeks we have seen a small bakery in Oregon refuse service to a same-sex couple, a young boy beaten so bad he had to be put into a medically induced coma, and a dog who was put on “Death Row” for defending him self (the last of these stories is not as popular as the first two)

The bakery in Oregon, the owner(s) of witch use the flimsy “1st Amendment Right” card refused to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple, has now put out a statement the it was not their intention to hurt or offend any one. I am sorry but exactly what was his intention when he refused service to some one because of their sexual orientation did he think “Oh I probably just made this couple feel so good, i am sure they will be back again” Make no mistake getting people to see gay couples in the same light as male-female couples is this generation’s civil rights movement

Update, After hearing about the couple Duff Goldmen (Best Know for his Food Network Show “Ace Of Cakes” offered to make a wedding cake for this couple, proving that there is still good in this world.–abc-news-savings-and-investment.html

We Also learned this week that boy who was in a school yard fight, witch resulted in a bullies beating him to the point of him having a concussion, his parents took him to their local ER where he was treated and released but in the following days, the victim’s father  realized that his son was not him self, sleeping a lot moody, a bit angry and not eating much, he also started to have violent seizures and needed be hospitalized and put into a medically induced coma where he has remained for the last two weeks.

Update, it was reported this morning (March 3rd, 2013) that the victim of this attack was taken off life support, and passed, just one day after turning 12 years old. Let this be a reminder that something needs to be done about the bullying epidemic in this country

The last story is not nearly as public as the first two but is still just as horrible. A Service Dog named “Dutch” was put on “Death Row” after biting a person who admitted to severely beating the dog. I got an e-mail asking me to sign a petition to save Dutch. I felt it was a civil injustice to punish this dog for defending him self, if a human defended them self’s would we sentence them to death? I think not.

I feel that we are living in an ignorant/ “Sweep it under the rug and it will go away” Society, ignoring these issues that are an every day happening in Society is not going to make them go away, they have to be dealt with they have to be brought to light, people have to talk about them, be open minded to others’ feelings and way of life, though I will not hold my breath, look at how long it took us to recognize African/American’s as equals there is still room for much improvement for equal pay for women (meaning we make as much as our male counterparts)

The Bachelorette, Ashley and J.P.’s Wedding

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How is it that when you are watching a wedding on T.V. between two people you have never met and/or seen before, except for having seen them on T.V . you feel as though you have known them for a life time? I do not know the answer to that question, but I do know the experience as I have just lived it.  Typically when the show “The Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” is brought up in conversation the conversation that follows might be filled with talk of a break up or some other form of drama. Well not tonight, tonight we got to focus on Love, a relationship, something I have no doubt(nor have I ever) will last a life time.  Now in the event that you , A) been living under a rock or,  B) are just not that into reality TV. Tonight for the third time we witnessed a Television wedding between two people who met, dated, fell in love and got engaged on National T.V. just over a year and half ago.

Ashley Hebert (oops sorry now, Rosenbaum) and J.P. Joined in the union of Marriage back on December 1st, 2012, but we got to witness it tonight for our self’s. The two hour special seem to fly by, it was so great getting to see how this couple has evolved, in many ways they have not changed, they still get absolutely giddy around each other. They are a very touchy couple, always connected physically in some way, I absolutely love seeing this between two loving caring people. Their families seem just as genuine, loving, caring and supportive of the relationship as Ashley and J.P. are of each other.

“There are a lot of things that the brain does not understand, but the heart feels”

All to often in life we try to explain the unexplainable the above quote, spoken by Ashley Sunday night during the show, echos something i have to come believe and that is, just because there is a reason for everything does not mean we will always know said reason, there are times that the reason comes from a greater power then us, so much greater, that we struggle to find the words to describe it. I believe True Love is one of those things we cannot really explain, it just is, and when we finally except that, everything becomes clear.

In closing I want to thank Ashley and J.P. for letting their supporters in on their fun day, they did not have to, but they wanted to, they wanted their fans to seen another step in this romantic love story.

In The Arms Of The Angels

Can’t really wrap my brain around the tragedy that has taken place today in Newtown, CT, 20 innocent lives lost, that 20 children who will never go to College, get married, have a family, have a job. 80 Parents who are now grieving the loss of their children whom they just saw this morning, countless aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, friends, schoolmates, whose lives will never be the same. Innocence of all the young victims is gone. 


Many have asked, what it would take to get sticker/better gun policies in this country, looks like we have found an answer, I do not, repeat DO NOT think the answer is to take away guns from every single person in this country who has one, a common kitchen knife could kill just as easily, why punish responsible gun owners out there (and they are out there I know some of them) its not fair to take theirs away just because there are senseless morons running around out there, something else has to be done to make sure these deadly weapons do not end up in the wrong hands. I do not know what to do any better then others in America, when President Obama and his Congress members, OUR congress members work to improve gun laws, instead of bashing them because they are not doing what WE think they should be doing, lets support them. 



The World We Live In Today

Life/ society is now, compared to how it was in twenty years ago sure seems different, of course there has always been significant progress and development in every generation, but in the world of Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest, it seems to becoming more and more focused on technology, and there is nothing wrong with that, it’s just how this progress and evolve.

I highly doubt that our Founding Fathers, when looking into the future, saw us all communicating electronically, spending more time looking down our phones, then looking up at the world around us, nor do I think that they would be entirely pleased to see what mess Politics has become, it’s almost as though every four years this great Country of ours goes into a Political War, where, it seems no one is ever wrong, and always right. I do believe we all have developed a bit of an ego when it comes to our Political views, we are right, and the other person, who has different beliefs is wrong.


If anyone thinks that one day we are all going to wake up and share the same thoughts and ideas, as well as a way of living, I got some ocean front property in Colorado I would like to sell you. It’s not about always being right, is a compromise, living in this country is like entering into a relationship, it takes work, sacrifice, and a mutual understanding of how others feel to make it all work, also being open minded to others views and life’s would not hurt, flipping the coin around, and truly putting our self’s in the others shoes before casting judgement on the way they live.


This advice is especially true when it comes to celebrities, we may think we know everything because we see news of their daily lives, well let me give you all a reality check, 99.9999999% of what is printed is GARBAGE it’s put out by money hungry writers who care only about the pay check and not the feeling of the people the write about.  Oh and that line “But they put them self’s out there, they should expect this” what a load of BS we all put our self’s out in this world every day, does that mean the thousands of children and adults that get bullied on a daily basis deserve that treatment, I think not, celebrities are HUMANS first, staring in a movie or playing a roll on TV is there job. It’s easy to see the glitz and glamor of it all, we see the money the big houses the fancy cars the lavish vacations. but inside, they are just like you and me, they have a heart, they have feelings, and they too, get hurt by nasty remarks, no amount of money, fame or material things can ease the pain of being torn into.  Just a little something for everyone to think about

They like em’ they hate em’, they like em’

Gossip magazines seem to be having a love/hate relationship with Bachelorette couple Emily Maynard and Jef Holm, the will, post on facebook or tweet on twitter and never ending line of untrue stories (AKA Rumors) of how they are breaking up, they had a fight there was an afire made outside of the relationship, and lets not leave out all of Jef’s ex’s who seem to be coming out of the wood work now that the money is calling. And then the same day they will be writing about how they are doing fine and to keep their heads up and not let these stories get them down, perhaps it would be easier to ignore these stories if they were never written.

I know this might seem as a bit of a foreign concept to these “Rags” but how about talking to Jef and Emily, silly I know, why go to the hassle of talking to the actual couple involved, besides whatever they are going to tell you is not nearly as juicy as what you make up all on your own, or with the help of bitter ex’s. An a word to the wise, Emily has Dolly Parton on her side, don’t mess with her.